Integrative Health Coaching:

Realize your optimal health vision and create sustainable lifestyle changes.

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Executive Wellness:

Attain work / life balance and reduce stress through mindful awareness.

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Massage Therapy:

The highest quality touch therapy for health and healing

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Thai Yoga Massage:

Interactive stretching and joint mobilization for renewed energy

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Optimizing health through mind-body and behavioral lifestyle changes.


Jessica recognizes that you are the expert in your life and that through the right partnership of trust, confidence building, and accountability even the most challenging barriers to health and happiness and be overcome. 

As an integrative health coach trained at Duke Integrative Medicine, Jessica is a behavioral change expert, helping people connect to purpose, find meaning, and live a lifestyle of optimal health. As a bodywork therapist, trained at the Body Therapy Institute, Jessica is an expert in touch therapy and the mind-body connection, helping people feel better in their bodies, reduce stress, and utilize the body as a powerful source for healing.

Jessica works with people local to Wilmington, NC and nationally through telephone and Skype sessions. Your free consultation will provide inspiration and jump start your motivation for creating lasting changes towards greater health. 

Give us a call today! 336-420-2887

Health Coaching


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Executive Health


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Massage Therapy


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Thai Yoga Massage


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